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Your Organized Home

Awh yes, the thought of reorganizing your home room by room can be daunting and overwhelming to say the least. Like really who has time to reorgnaize your closet in between folding clothes, changing diapers, grocery shoppping and cooking dinner.

The answer is you do! Yes you! You are far more capable of multi-tasking than you give yourself credit. I am going to share a few simple tips to get you started and well on your way to organizing any room, drawer or closet in your home.

Step 1: Select a date and time. I recommend starting in small increments 30-45 minutes and commit to it. Pretend this is like the time you set aside for a pedicure and nothing or noone can cause you to miss this time.

Step 2: Select the area in your home. I recommend one section of the your least favorite room. You know the one that makes cringe or close the door so you do not have to think about it.

Step 3: Stop judging yourself! Start in that section with a trash bag and a medium size box. Set your timer and begin with any you pick up either goes in the trash bag or in the box for repurposing later.

Step 4: That is it! You did it, you committed to 30-45 minutes of decluttering. If by chance you started on a closet or an office space or a book shelf you have just removed several items that will no longer take up space or weigh you down. You are now one day closer to having a space you love.

Rule of Thumb: If you haven't used or thought an item or possession in 3 months or more its time to part with it. If you believe the idea of yes I could use this one day, do yourself a favor and throw it away.

Do not be afraid to donate espesically when there are so many less fortunate in need.